Sunday, April 4, 2010

Devil Dog

Totally forgot about this one!

For Celeste, she loves this kind of thing and for her birthday I sewed up a little "bad dog"! She and her husbands are stray rescuers and have a pack of dogs at home that typically number between 5 and 10! Plus the stray cats (3-5+)!

Celeste put this little guy up to chase away the bad thesis writing ju-ju! haha!

I almost gave up on this one part way through as I didn't think that it would turn out, but in the end it was great. I used the basic shape of the horse, added an up turned tail and "paws" where the hooves would be. The head was hard - but with the red inner mouth it gave it a good dog shape. The ears are back against the head - soyou can't see them. The teeth are embroidered in and the eyes are wooden beads.

This is from her IPhone - I totally forgot to take a picture before giving him to her.

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