Monday, April 19, 2010

Linky Fun!!

posted my Pegasus onto one of my fav craft sites.... Craftaholics Anonymous!

FUN!! I can not wait to get through some of these others that posted.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


now with yarn beards!


Well...I really wanted more detail on the wings - but everything that I tired looked ... not right. So I just sewed them on and will come back to it... maybe! Other than that - I think he is fabulous!

I give you ....Pegasus!


Wise and Mighty Athena!

This one was for Celeste as well - Owl on her shield and I love how the helmet came out on her. These gods are just so much fun to make.

I do keep forgetting to take photos of the backs/sides. Damn it... must remember before they go to their new homes.

Kinda looks like she is winking in this one! teehee


Mighty Zeus!!!!

I ended up getting some more yellow/golden thread to go over it again as I didn't think that it was dark enough. He is a little plain to me, but I'm not sure what else to do with him... kinda looks like jebuz to me...minus the lightening bolt! ha!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This one I have actual sketches for!! Of course - I had help looking at pictures on the Internet. This is an older style Batman - not the one in all black of recent years - grey/blue and black!
I didn't get as much face detail as I was hoping with the eyes and mouth - but I'm pretty happy with the rest. So, Happy Birthday to Olivier!! You will now just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail! Next year... we will have to meet up for that big one!!! Vegas?! Until then, ENJOY!!!

Eric the Red

YAY Eric the Red! I still need to make a shield for this one - thinking the Viking checkerboard with hub in the middle, but not too sure yet.

I'm digging the beard on this one. Helmet not so great - wings are too thin and the stitching is too loose.

Tried out a couple different background - trying out my little camera to see what I can do.

Bloody Axe RAWR!!!!

No beans in the bottom of this one - the body was sewn quite some time ago and was just waiting for some embellishments! Finally done! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Basket!

Here is a cute little prezzie basket of material that I gathered from various places for a friend’s birthday – Catherine. She makes dolls with a fairy/medieval theme – so the prints I was looking for were in that vein. Anyway – the basket was too cute to pass up for a picture on here and I just love how it all came together.

There is a mix of new and vintage (recycled!) materials, and some ribbons in the bottom that you can’t see. I do love to go on the hunt for interesting cloth in second hand shops – old pillow cases, drapes, table runners, whatever there is. There is no end of material that can be found for such low prices in those places. I’ve been known to buy old trousers, shirts to rob material off them too.

There is nothing more fun than a massive bin of remnants on sale, rummage around and make little discoveries of material treasures.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Devil Dog

Totally forgot about this one!

For Celeste, she loves this kind of thing and for her birthday I sewed up a little "bad dog"! She and her husbands are stray rescuers and have a pack of dogs at home that typically number between 5 and 10! Plus the stray cats (3-5+)!

Celeste put this little guy up to chase away the bad thesis writing ju-ju! haha!

I almost gave up on this one part way through as I didn't think that it would turn out, but in the end it was great. I used the basic shape of the horse, added an up turned tail and "paws" where the hooves would be. The head was hard - but with the red inner mouth it gave it a good dog shape. The ears are back against the head - soyou can't see them. The teeth are embroidered in and the eyes are wooden beads.

This is from her IPhone - I totally forgot to take a picture before giving him to her.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've been inspired by the Percy Jackson book series... so here is my first of many Greek Gods to come. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter books, you will really enjoy these, or if you enjoy any fantasy type stuff.

This is my first doll that has a bean-bag bottom - for better standing. I joined a doll making club here in Houston "Material Girls" that meet once a month. After just one meeting I came away with some really great ideas and got to ask some interesting people questions. Not to mention see some really amazing dolls. I can not wait for the next meet!

I give you.... Poseidon

I should have done a back shot, to show how the toga wraps around. Might have to add that.


I was doing some cruising at the Hobby Lobby and found some really awesome gold thread. So this fine lady got to be my test for what it looked like. The shield is out of place, however I LOVED how the dragon head came out.


This was for a friend, Cat. She wanted a druid and gave me some ideas on what she wanted to see, this one was really fun - the leaves for the skirt gave it the final touch I wanted, and I thought that the staff with the hovering button was great!


This was made for Jons wife, Laura, he wanted something cute and she loves cats so asked me to make something. This little guy has a magnet on the back!

Loved how the eyes came out.


This was pure fun fun fun. Laura requested a centaur for her birthday and I thought about it for a couple days and then bingo bango... Horse body....Human attached!!

Free cut the horse sides out and then lay them out to help cut the underside. Leaving a v of material on each end to come together on the seem. Man bit was just like the others...only a little shorter.

The tail is yarn, used some thread wrapped around to keep it all tidy and standing up! Could have used a shield and a spear or something. ...Next time.

Dead Squirrel

This was a moment of pure genius that came to me after spending some time with a friend of ours that has a giant squirrel that polices his back yard and torments him in the back window. He is called "Schnutzy, the wonder Squirrel".

For Scotty - Dead Squirrel Head in Blood


This was a request by a friend of mine - Katie Jo. This is her fault - she asked, I just made it! I will not deny that it was hilarious coming together. Ha Ha!

Why yes....that is a rainbow coming out of its butt!


and now for something completely different.... These are little monsters from a computer MMORPG and were turned into birthday gifts for my computer gaming friends....
These ones I made a fast sketch and then just cut and sewed the body to see what happened. Worked out great.
Damians in blue
Pauls in light green.
Matts in forest green.
Note to self: need to take better photos. Time to explore my camera.


This one was in the wake of my tribute to King Leonidas and Gerard Butler!!! Enjoy!

He resides on the desk of Trevor, a computer game designer friend. He gets no end of jelous looks from his co-workers!

Check out those abs! ha

More Vikings

A Ha! I found some more pictures of my vikings.
I just love the raven on the shield of this one. Not so happy with the helmet.
and the bloody axe on this one!! :) Helmet way better on this one.


This is the last one of many little Vikings, my true passion, that is left. I've given them away to many friends over the last 2 years as they are made.

This one is my husbands, so is still hanging around the house. :) Hammer with anvil on Shield.


This is just one of the five or six of these same style bad boys that I also made as Christmas gifts for 2008. Black ones, red ones... all kinds. A veritable congregation of ninjas! This one has a throwing star.


Here are a couple of zombies I made for friends Matt and Michele for December Christmas 2008. Wow...times flies! We had all just finished reading World War Z. What an amazing zombie book. I recently read Patient Zero, also very good.

These were really fun to make. The brain is my favorite bit....and the hanging eyeball.