Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black Beared Viking

Toady's project was a new viking!! This weekend was a good one for sewing.

I'm really happy with the beard, the pictures don't show it - but the beard is double layers. I picked up the charcoal felt and it made a fabulous belt. Also...puffy shield. YES!

This is for my co-worker, Lena!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Super fun Ironman. There is too much detail to get him perfect, but this was pretty good! One of my crafting peeps Celesete had the bead for his chest and that was the piece de resistance!

This one was by request for Courtney.

Little dog is not sure what to do! ha!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not for Shooting!

This is a gift for Scotty, his birthday is this weekend. I thought...what single, gun loving, dude can't use a nice throw pillow for his sofa??

I bought the pillow filler($6.55), Sew on snaps(4/$2.99 -used 2) and 1 yard of off-white broadcloth ($1.99/y) at Hobby Lobby.

I made a diaper kind of pillow case - the material is doubled. Stitched closed the one end, added the snaps to the top flap. More like an envelope I suppose. Then eyeballed and cut out the felt target ($0.25). Sewed it in place with some black thread, stuffed the pillow in ... Done.

I do love these kinds of gifts, about $10 of materials for this. Not too shabby, and really I enjoyed the hell out of making it. Best of all. He is going to LOVE it.