Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Basket!

Here is a cute little prezzie basket of material that I gathered from various places for a friend’s birthday – Catherine. She makes dolls with a fairy/medieval theme – so the prints I was looking for were in that vein. Anyway – the basket was too cute to pass up for a picture on here and I just love how it all came together.

There is a mix of new and vintage (recycled!) materials, and some ribbons in the bottom that you can’t see. I do love to go on the hunt for interesting cloth in second hand shops – old pillow cases, drapes, table runners, whatever there is. There is no end of material that can be found for such low prices in those places. I’ve been known to buy old trousers, shirts to rob material off them too.

There is nothing more fun than a massive bin of remnants on sale, rummage around and make little discoveries of material treasures.

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