Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not for Shooting!

This is a gift for Scotty, his birthday is this weekend. I thought...what single, gun loving, dude can't use a nice throw pillow for his sofa??

I bought the pillow filler($6.55), Sew on snaps(4/$2.99 -used 2) and 1 yard of off-white broadcloth ($1.99/y) at Hobby Lobby.

I made a diaper kind of pillow case - the material is doubled. Stitched closed the one end, added the snaps to the top flap. More like an envelope I suppose. Then eyeballed and cut out the felt target ($0.25). Sewed it in place with some black thread, stuffed the pillow in ... Done.

I do love these kinds of gifts, about $10 of materials for this. Not too shabby, and really I enjoyed the hell out of making it. Best of all. He is going to LOVE it.

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